JEDSTAR goes Multichain, Pouncing Headfirst with Shibarium

Jedstar Official
4 min readMar 8, 2023

2022 Flashbacks

2022 has been an exciting year for JEDSTAR Gaming. We launched multiple Dapps and utilities, which helped our ecosystem become more cohesive and ready for mass adoption. While growing our gaming community to nearly 1 million active members.

The success of our Dapps is mainly due to their uniqueness and the fact that they are built with gamers in mind.

SILVERVOLT, for example, our first Dapp, leverages blockchain technology to allow users to win gaming assets, whether NFTs or Web2 assets like Valorant credits, simply by charging their phones. The success of SILVERVOLT adoption has been the key driver to growing our gaming community to nearly 1 million.

Then we have STARDOME, a P2E (not the bad kind) online arcade with hundreds of games where gamers can wage and win KRED. And of course, we have our NFT/SFT marketplace AGORA — one of the first marketplaces out there to launch SFTs (Semi-Fungible Token), the future of blockchain gaming digital assets, which will also be integrated into our first mobile game Night Claws, a fun top-down shooter where you play as one of our characters, Khali to fight your way through unique worlds.

All of this laid the foundations for, a social tournament platform where our community will be adopting, using and trading our tokens within the ecosystem to play their favorite games with their friends. The beauty of is that its blockchain integration is seamless, and the games are not limited to Web3 — players can play DOTA2 or Mobile Legends, and we take care of everything in the back end.

In 2023, JEDSTAR Gaming is ready to lead the Web3 gaming world and mass crypto adoption by taking our first steps into becoming multichain.

And we are excited to announce that one of the first chains we will launch will be Shibarium!!

“I would like to thank the Shibarium team, especially Solomon, for reviewing our project and accepting us in the pioneer batch of Shibarium. Really excited to be part of ‘Shibarium: Spring Class of 2023’ and working with other awesome projects and learning more about the innovations the Shiba Inu team has brought to the table” — Josh Gier, CEO JEDSTAR Gaming

Introduction to Shibarium

Shibarium is an upcoming Layer-2 (L2) blockchain that is created by developers of Shiba Inu (SHIB), one of the top 5 leading cryptocurrencies, led by Shytoshi Kusama. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing anyone to build digital products and conduct peer-to-peer transactions. Furthermore, it is designed to reduce transactional loads to their blockchain network to improve the user experience for all applications in the SHIB ecosystem.

SHIB has extended a worldwide invite to all interested parties and received thousands of applications for Shibarium, all of which are potential partners and communities for JEDSTAR Gaming.

Why Shibarium?

As an L2 blockchain, Shibarium promises lower fees, faster transaction speeds and improved scalability while preserving the security benefits of the Ethereum network. This combination of properties is quintessential for our gaming ecosystem, which makes Shibarium an excellent candidate for our multichain expansion efforts on top of Polygon.

In addition, one of SHIB’s community-driven goals aligns perfectly with JEDSTAR Gaming: bringing about mass adoption of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0, whether through DeFi, gaming or NFTs. This is important because we are committed to building solid relationships with other communities that share our values and goals.

Multichain: An Essential Component to JEDSTAR’s Growth

One of the most exciting outcomes of going multichain is increasing exposure and visibility for JEDSTAR Gaming. Adding to our community of nearly 1 million gamers, the passionate Shiba Inu community that is over 1 million strong.

Integrating new blockchains, such as Shibarium, can also provide access to new technologies and platforms to enhance our products and services. In fact, this will organically unite and build stronger communities through the hundreds of future partnerships we will be involved in. We stand by our commitment to our vision in bringing the next Billion gamers to Web3.

Also, every successful integration will bring us one step closer to granting true ownership to gamers — by providing them with cross-universe gaming digital assets, whether Web2 or NFT/SFTs. Gamers and collectors will be able to use not only our gaming assets but also our partners across any connected gaming ecosystem and blockchain of their choice, an experience not available in Web2 gaming — all this without the fear of completely losing their digital assets or their value should a game publisher or company wind up.

Once we become multichain-mature, JEDSTAR Gaming will truly blossom into a one-stop ecosystem that brings gamers and Web3 enthusiasts together.

Exciting times are ahead of us as the future of Web3 gaming shines bright with JEDSTAR Gaming!

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